The Atoms Water Wand

The water wand introduces passive natural energy waves into clean drinking water, fruit, vegetable and vitamin drinks. This process causes water molecules to shed excess minerals and other substances, which break down into finer more usable nutrients. Since the water molecule becomes lighter, you can drink more liquids. This process balances pH, transports nutrients, and absorbs more waste in the body at a faster rate. Drinking more water and fluids helps increase your rate of hydration, assimilation of nutrients and elimination (detoxification). This subtle energy is discernable and gives a feeling of well-being.


Atoms Water Wands


Drinking Excellerated Water / Live Blood Tests
Test subjects had blood tested before and after drinking water affected by the Atoms Water Wand™ with dramatic results. See for yourself!



Live blood cell tests were performed on 2 subjects who drank 20 ounces of premium carbon filtered water. Blood samples were taken 30 minutes later. All before and after blood tests were shot on digital microscope at the same speed of 23 frames per second.

In phase two of the test, carbon filtered water was affected by the
Atoms Water Wand . The same test subjects were given the water to drink.

Live blood samples were again taken after 30 minutes. Test subjects showed a substantial increase in red blood cell movement which would appear to indicate a major increase in blood oxygen levels and hydration of red blood cells.



Important Health
Benefit Information

Dehydration & Disease


Atoms Water Wand

Scientific Testing

Wheaton College
Wheaton, IL

Testing & Evaluation Of
Fluid Excelleration Devices
On The Pool & Sauna
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"The effect of water treated with Atoms Water Wand™ is immediately evident. We put them in our Berkey water dispenser and were stunned at the almost instant change in the taste and feel of the water. It takes on an almost satin smoothness, far and above the normally clean, clear taste of filtered water. Regular tap water feels like it sticks in the throat by comparison, as if the body is saying 'No! Don't put this in me!' Even when affecting unfiltered regular tap water, the device works miracles (and the same with juices and other drinks). The health benefits of liquids conditioned by the Atoms Water Wand™ is quickly apparent. I highly recommend the Atoms Water Wand™ in ones personal arsenal in maintaining good health. I would buy them just for the better tasting/feeling water alone. It's that significantly different." - Calvin from AR


Listen to the inventor John Graham discuss
the Atoms Water Wand™ with Dr. Hildy®

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4/24/13- Dr. Hildy® and John Graham – Gas Mojo & AtomsWaterWand | One Cell One Light™ Radio - Website

How To Use The
Atoms Water Wand

Use wand in drinking water or other liquids. Place 3 wands in pitcher or container up to 1 gallon and fill with liquid.

The wand starts to energize the liquid instantly. Leave wands in container and add more water or liquid to the container to reactivate your drink.

You can store treated water up to 1 week in the refrigerator. Use 1 wand in sports bottles up to 32 oz. Use wand water for cooking and baking.

Peak energy in the wand lasts up 13 months from first time you use it.

Do not open unit. Do not freeze , boil or micro wave the water wand. The Water Wand contains all natural ingredients and contains no toxins, magnets or heavy metals and is made from (BPA free) and FDA approved laboratory grade plastics.

Plants, Water & the Atoms Water Wand

Water conditioned by the Atoms Water Wand has a dramatic and profound effect
on plants, just as it does on human beings. Increased growth through a clarified oxygen and mineral
quality which is visibly evident and undeniable!

Plant in untreated water, no fertilizer

Same plant after 5 days in water conditioned
by the
Atoms Water Wand

Vine in untreated water, no fertilizer used

Same vine growing like crazy 6 months later
in water treated with the
Atoms Water Wand


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