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"I love my Atoms Water Wands. I keep them in our Berkey water filter tank so every drop we drink is affected. These are powerful little things that will turn your water not only silky smooth, but revitalize you. My energy levels leaped when I started drinking water treated with this product. If you want to feel good and know you're doing something good for yourself, don't hesitate to get them!"
James Neff

I am so grateful for my Water Wands! I had heard that they alkalized drinking water, and after a while I started noticing a slightly sweet taste, BUT that was LONG after I knew I had much more energy. I weigh over 400 pounds, and they are helping me lose weight, because I am much more active.
Will Anderson
Prophecykeepers Foundation

I am the fortunate college student who has obtained a Atoms Water Wand. I was never that big a water drinking person in the capacity I drink now. I'm not with out mine and really happy to let others share my experience. It just seems I just can't stop drinking that great water. The Water Wand is the one for me and I notice I have so much more energy.
Erica S., FL

I love the taste of my drinking water and it is so nice to drink and . I fill my aquariums with this water and my fish seem very healthy and my other pets love it to. Thank You for your wonderful products.
Dr. Mary Fitzsimmons

I have been using your Atoms Water Wand product for over seven years and recommend it to my patients. It does wonderful things for water.
Dr. Randell Smith
Wheaton, Illinois

I would like to thank you for the privilege in being able to use your Atoms Water Wands, and . I'm the proud Mother of a Down's syndrome child and have seen much change in my child George. I attribute his great progress to drinking the water. Before this time he had very heavy breathing and not as much energy. His whole stature is changing and family and friends have commented on how "Good" George looks. Not only has George benefited from this water but the whole family as well.
Thank you again,
Henrietta Schury
Fort Myers, Florida

I started using your products about five years ago.
Personally, using the Atoms Water Wands™ I drink a lot more water, my skin is less dry, much softer and smoother, many of my aches and pains are gone. I feel better and have more energy. Many thanks to these wonderful products and the technology that make water what it is naturally suppose to be for the human body
Jamie Thornberry
Gillsville, Ga

My name is Katherine C .and I am 25 years old. Over the last 7 1/2 years I have done a significant amount of damage to my body physically. Drinking this ( Water Wands) water has helped my energy level as well as my overall sense of wellness. I have no doubt in my mind that it’s due to the water I’ve been drinking. It has truly saved my life.
Katherine C.

I am pleased to report I use the Atoms Water Wands and I have to say my skin has never looked better. Thanks so much for these wonderful water products.
Bernadette L
Fort Myers Florida

When we go on short trips we take our Water Wands with us. Can’t thank you enough for the great benefits we have received over the past seven years from drinking and bathing in this water.
T. Jurs
Libertyville Ill

My wife purchased your Water Wands . She said after about a week she was drinking more water. I am to. We are happy to tell you are results. I use your Water Wands in a wide mouth sports bottle when I travel . Thank you again for such wonderful product.
Todd Brown
Wilmington Ill

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